Roll ’em in and begin

A Guaranteed Straight Line Every Time

The best way to practice according to the pros is doing drills in repetition.
We created the DrillPartner™ to make it easy to set up a straight row of balls quickly and exactly where you want.  The DrillPartner™ will allow you to set up for drills with balls in a straight line, at an angle, vertically, horizontally, or with varied spacing between balls.
It is suitable for all the different disciplines of pool, and can be a great asset for one pocket players.

9 Cutouts to set the pool balls evenly spaced for pool drills

Transparent so you can see what you're doing

Allows for faster and more accurate drills

Guaranteed straight line every time: Improve your game faster

Endorsed By Thomas "Shorty" Dalfonso

Thomas Dalfonso has played pool for over twenty years and is ranked #10 in NorthEast USA Top 100 players, and ranked in the Top 50 USA players (according to FargoRate). 

“The DrillPartner™ is a useful billiards training tool to help any skill level player improve. Whether you are a beginner, league, amateur, tournament player, action player or a pro, the DrillPartner™ lets you set up drills quickly and easily.”

Great for Juniors and Instructors

Drills are an essential part of training and the DrillPartner™ makes setting up drills easy and accurate.

Every Junior player should have the DrillPartner™ as a training device!

The one partner that will never let you down

If improving your game is important to you, then drills are critical.  Get the revolutionary new product that guarantees a lightning fast and accurate drill setup every time.

Roll ‘Em In And Begin!

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